┬×We offer services to act as "Change Enablers" to effectively manage the Business and Technology change initiatives to be executed with efficacy and in line with the expectations of the various stakeholders. Understanding the business domain well as well as the technical aspects/challenges helps in managing the transformation processes in effective ways. 

This includes offerings in:  

  • Strategic Business Transformation programs - including the "Change the Bank" (CTB) initiatives.
  • "Run the Bank" initiatives for Bespoke and Tactical solutions.
  • Business Analysis and documentation of use cases, workflows and processes.
  • Prioritization of various change initiatives.
  • Impact analysis of the change on the organization, business teams, systems, architecture etc.
  • Defining and Managing the Change control processes.
  • Organizing and conducting the various quality checks and tests including defect tracking and resolution.
  • Ensuring signoffs, training and final production rollouts.